Gentle Yin

Yin Yoga focuses on increasing flexibility in your joints, tendons, and muscles. It is also a practice of meditation, as it requires holding a single pose over extended periods of time.  Yin Yoga is recommended for those over 30 years to strengthen and repair their bodies. The essence of this practice is creating a physical plane where spiritual and emotional growth can prosper.

Train yourself to make everything easier. Ground your life, reaching back into the essence of things, decluttering, and removing excess. Achieving stillness and creating space for relaxation.

Those with enough flexibility can still benefit from Yin Yoga by focusing on improving the quality of the same poses. These poses experience change through every session. Even without movement, stillness can come alive by passing breath into every fibre of your being. Turning the body into an object of meditation.

Yin Yoga has touched Kru Niti’s life on a personal level. Originally an impatient person, Yin Yoga has taught Kru Niti to be calmer and more patient. Yin Yoga trains your breathing to become slower and more deliberate, making it look deceptively less appealing to active people. But in truth, the internal processes of this practice is very intense.

With over 10 years of experience of personal training and teaching, I have personally been touched by the benefits of meditation and yoga and want to share these techniques with everyone. I wish to help everyone truly get in touch with themselves through yoga