Hatha Yoga

Yoga means creating the integral balance of three aspects: body, mind and soul.

Hatha Yoga is one of the various schools of yoga. Using the art of mastering your body through mental discipline, Hatha Yoga balances out opposing forces to complement themselves within you. This is how yoga helps treat and cure illnesses. Hatha Yoga is very popular worldwide, especially now where people are becoming more health aware both physically and spiritually.

Yoga training is mental training. Training yourself so you become aware of yourself as you are.

Hatha Yoga is easy to learn and convenient. However, practice should be done in a calm and quiet area for full benefits. Practitioners cultivate a sense of tranquility that is obvious and shows through in their lives. A beautiful figure is not the end goal, but a byproduct of a beautiful mind.

In Hatha Yoga, we train our breathing and calm our minds in Yoga Nidra pose. This pose allows deep relaxation to both mind and body. A full hour course specifically for Yoga Nidra is recommended for insomnia.

With over 10 years of experience of personal training and teaching, I have personally been touched by the benefits of meditation and yoga and want to share these techniques with everyone. I wish to help everyone truly get in touch with themselves through yoga