Yoga for pregnancy

Help yourself prepare welcoming your special child into the world, starting from the very first week of your pregnancy.
Ensuring the best of one of the most important moments of being a mother.

Benefits of Yoga while pregnant

– Relaxes your body and mind

– Helps with fatigue and back pain related to hormonal changes.

– Stimulates blood circulation to help protect yourself against irregular blood pressure

– Aligns your spine to help prevent back problems during and after pregnancy

– Helps baby to be happier and more communicative

– Reduces anxiety

– Encourages fast weight loss after birth

From Kru Niti

From my own experience of having 3 kids, I can assure you of the difference between pregnancies with and without yoga. It’s also good for the baby. Even though I myself don’t have much problems with weight loss because I exercise regularly, the difference in mental and physical health is still noticeable. Yoga firms the muscles, calms your mood and helps you cope. My asthma problems are nearly gone because of Yoga. After my 3rd pregnancy, it took me only 3 months of sun salutation to burn the excess fat back to where I started. My muscles were also stronger than just simply losing fat. I wonder if my youngest just knows how to do yoga because I was pregnant with her while I was doing yoga myself. (:-)) Isn’t it amazing?

With over 10 years of experience of personal training and teaching, I have personally been touched by the benefits of meditation and yoga and want to share these techniques with everyone. I wish to help everyone truly get in touch with themselves through yoga